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Our Story

Booksprout was founded in the summer of 2015 by Chris Leippi, a self-published author. During his time writing and publishing his own work, he noticed numerous problems that authors faced on a daily basis or whenever they launched a new book. Many of his readers had also expressed their frustration with how their was no single way for them to follow all of their favorite authors, or how full their inbox was because of how many newsletters they were subscribed to. From that, Booksprout was born and made available to all book lovers!

Our App

Rather than signing up for numerous newsletters, checking multiple websites, and missing new releases by their favorite authors, readers can follow them in our app. It provides a single location with mobile notifications so that readers never miss a new book again!

ARC Management

Authors need reviews on launch in order to build trust quickly. With our ARC Management feature, they can reduce time spent delivering ebook files and following up with readers all while maximizing reviews.

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