The Alpha Stables 1-3: The Sci-Fi Cuckolding Erotica Series

by Raven Merlot

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The battle of the sexes has ended. Women won. Men have been reduced to a subservient position in society, where they can be truly useful and reach their full potential and servants and lovers. What's left of their masculinity has been molded into a quiet and respectful supporting role for their mistresses the world over. Being an obedient beta male is as much as a natural born man could ever hope for.

Masculine dominance and aggression does have certain entertainment value for the women who desire it though. It just needed to be distilled into something more controllable. Humanity's most brilliant and forward-thinking scientists created the Alphas, genetically superior male models used for pleasure. They're stronger and more aggressive than the un-enhanced Beta males, and everyone knows it. Some wealthy mistresses are able to afford frequent trips to the Alpha Stables, while others just splurge from time to time.

Regardless, once a woman goes to an Alpha, her beta males know that they are obsolete. Being reminded of their inferiority keeps them in line and working as hard as they can to stay useful. When a subservient beta male commits a serious enough infraction such as pleasuring himself or finishing too early he can endure one of the greatest humiliations possible: watching his mistress be pleasured by a superior Alpha model. He’ll never forget his place after that.

Real life cuckoldress, Raven Merlot, is proud to present her newest series: The Alpha Stables. In this exciting world a woman's dreams of sexual fulfillment and having a supportive partner can come true. We just had to take control of the planet to make it happen.

Like Raven's other series, these stories delve into the emotions and feelings of each character. Cuckolding, humiliation, degradation, and submission are all complex topics that deserve complex characters.