Breaking All the Rules

by Kristen Flowers

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His name is Johnny Santos. And I used to be in love with him.
He’s six-foot two. Tatted-up. Vulgar. And fresh-out-of-prison with more muscles than I can count, and a scruffy jaw line sharp enough to cut diamonds.

Ten years ago, we were high school sweethearts.

And if we were complete opposites back then, we might as well be from different planets now.

I follow the rules. And he breaks them.
I’m a straight-laced professional in everything that I do.
And he’s…not that.

Life hasn’t been kind to him. A part of me blames myself for that.
Now I’m his court-ordered therapist. It’s my job to get his life back on track.

I’m determined to help him. But when he stares at me with those eyes and teases me with that smirk I used to know, a million feelings from the past come rushing back.
I’m supposed to be helping him.

But old wounds are resurfacing, all the rules are getting broken, and my entire world is falling apart…

We’re two different people from two different worlds.
We’re not meant for each other.

So why can’t I stop Breaking All the Rules?