Dahlia: A Novel of Dark Desire

by Viola Calvary

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Dahlia’s psychic abilities are strong enough to make people around her nervous. The secrets she’s hiding would make them even more nervous, but she’s got that under control. Under control, that is, until everything starts to unravel. When an enemy in the shadows puts a target on her back Dahlia becomes embroiled in an overwhelming battle for her life and for those around her. Caught up in the fight she finds herself drawn towards a dangerous ally who’s made it clear he wants her and isn’t taking no for an answer. Captain Kenneth Ravin is exactly the last man she should be interested in. Savage, deadly, and concealing his own secrets, Ravin pushes her self-control to the limit. Can she stay in control or will dipping her toe into her dark desires send her tumbling into the madness that lives buried within her?

HEA. No cliffhangers. Strong heroine. Shifters. Suspense. Fantasy. Adventure. Alpha males. Love triangle. Steamy adult content.