Five Billionaires and a Hotwife Box Set: an alpha billionaire menage erotic romance

by Dita Selby

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Five Billionaires and a Hotwife is a sizzling menage erotic romance box set including all 4 books of the original series (also available separately in Kindle Unlimited).

Follow Alan and his beautiful wife Gabrielle as she delivers on her contract with his five handsome billionaire bosses to serve as their plaything for a month!

Book 1: Submitting to the Board

A hotwife. A voyeuristic husband. Five alpha board directors who like to share …

Nobody at work would ever have imagined that sober, conscientious Alan, junior financial analyst, would have a dirty little secret of his own …

Alan’s always been turned on watching his beautiful 24-year-old hot wife with other men. When she has an encounter with his boss, the rich and impossibly handsome alpha male Roger Harrison, at a sex club, he makes the young couple an offer they can’t refuse - after a month of having gorgeous, insatiable Gabrielle on call to service the board of directors without protection, Alan will get a promotion and a huge stock options package.

Seeing his wife with anonymous studs is one thing, but can Alan deal with Gabrielle submitting to all his bosses? And will Gabrielle fall for the seductive and extremely well-endowed Mr. Harrison? Especially since he seems to be the only one who can fully satisfy her desires ...

Book 2: Used by the Board

Alan gets to watch his gorgeous hot wife servicing his bosses and more … but will she like her new position(s) a little too much?

It’s Gabrielle’s second week at the firm, and the enigmatic Mr. Harrison is showing every sign of being smitten by her. Not that he doesn’t want to share or anything … he just wants to be the one dominating her at the end, and he doesn’t care if Alan or anyone else notices.

And Alan definitely notices, in two sizzling hot episodes: the first where he gets to watch the video feed from Gabrielle’s “office” of a steamy menage involving Mssrs. Harrison and Stratton, in which both alpha studs are clearly enjoying competing for the attentions of the beautiful Gabrielle … and a second episode where Mr. Harrison arranges a BDSM encounter for Gabrielle, two of the firm’s richest clients, a colleague of Alan’s, and finally himself - all while Alan stands by!

Book 3: Serving the Board

Gabrielle’s relationship with her husband Alan's five handsome bosses goes public, in the third week of her contract to service the board of directors at their pleasure …

It’s no longer a secret to anyone that the studly Mr. Harrison is obsessed with Alan’s beautiful young hotwife. His habit of taking her out for evening dates culminates in an invitation for her to fly to Milan on the company private jet with all the other directors … with Alan to follow at a distance.

But not only does Gabrielle get to join the Mile High Club in style - rough, hard and unprotected - she gets to service the board publicly, in an expensive Italian restaurant, with three studly Italian waiters joining in to stretch her in new ways ...

Book 4: Surrendering to the Board

In this grand finale to the Five Billionaires and a Hotwife series, it’s Gabrielle’s last week as the plaything of her husband Alan’s alpha billionaire bosses, and it’s looking more and more like the enigmatic Mr. Harrison might be pushing for a more permanent arrangement ... with him.

It’s also time for the firm’s annual Christmas party, and with Gabrielle on hand a good time is assured for everyone there ... especially since Mr. Harrison appears to be planning some even more extreme stretching for her.

But which man will she go home with?

This erotic romance contains explicit sexual content and graphic language that may be objectionable to some readers. For adults only.