Always with you

by RA Winter

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Welcome to the Bowman's Inn, where Cupid, disguised as a mild-mannered bartender, whips up drinks for the broken-hearted.

His partner, Mandy, has a special gift herself. Her tattoo glows when she touches two soul mates. Imagine her confusion when Ann Paolo walks into the bar and her wrist glows after she touches Ann and her dog.

Unbeknownst to Ann, Han has followed her through multiple lifetimes as her pet, always with her, but never allowed to be a man.

Val agrees to give Han another chance to erase the sins that created Han's self-inflicted torture. But once Han is plunged back in time can he finally undo the curse?

Always with you is a modern retelling of a Native American Legend about the sun, moon, and dawn, previously published as part of the Bowman's Inn Anthology. The rules are simple. Cupid own a bar and works his magic, but has he met his match in this reincarnation tale?