by Scarlet Ellis

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How would you feel if your first love suddenly came back into your life with an offer you can’t refuse - even if you wanted to?

Gavin Wolfe is heir to the Wolfe family banking billions, but he’s a disgrace to his family. He’s sent to small-town Greenwick as punishment for his wild antics, but when he runs into the girl he let slip through his fingers at college, he see’s an opportunity to win her back and be the man he was always meant to be.

Rosie Hanes loves her florist shop, but times are hard, and she doesn’t know how much longer she can keep the doors to her business open. Filled with guilt because she promised her parents when she took over the shop that it’d be in good hands, time is running out and she needs help.

Gavin offers Rosie a way out, a fake relationship to buy both of them some time, and in return, he’ll help turn her business around.

Rosie is reluctant to accept his help but feels like she has no choice. She makes it very clear that it will be nothing more than a business arrangement,.

But can Rosie keep her feelings in check and keep denying how she really feels? And most importantly will Gavin ever be able to tell Rosie why he really walked out on her eight years ago?

Scarlet writes beautifully romantic stories with lust and steam. and never any cheating. A HEA is guaranteed every time.