Her Tyrant

by Jetta Frame

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I just wanted to look good.
I didn't want to fall for him.
I signed up for the bootcamp so when my photoshoot came around, I'd feel good inside out. I just wanted to get into shape.
Instead, I fell for him. Guillermo Nunez, my personal trainer. I fell for him and I fell hard.

I love my body. I love its soft curves, feminine shape and I especially love that it gets me through my busy days as a successful, young businesswoman.
Not everyone can kick ass in the business world, but I do. And I do it well. So well in fact, that I earned an invitation to be interviewed by the country's most read business magazine.
And that's how I met Guillermo Nunez.
He's over six foot of arrogant, hard-nosed, golden skinned and dark eyed male.
And he's a complete tyrant.
He's exactly what I need to make sure that come photoshoot day, I look as good as my business's annual reports.
There's only one problem.
Guillermo wants to do more than just give my body a workout in the gym. He wants me in his bed and as much as I hate to admit it...
So do I.