by Jessica Gomez

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They thought the worst was behind them, days of chaos and death. Relocating to the mountains of Oregon was supposed to give them a fresh start, but when the residents of the cave slowly begin to turn, they realize their horrors are not yet over.

The Infected are returning.

After one of their own turns and escapes with their security, they contemplate the risk of pursuing. With winter right around the corner and another rescue mission on the horizon, the group decides to focus their attention on the fast approaching cold.

While rescuing the small group that helped Ian return home, Lillie’s premonitions begin to present themselves in haunting dreams, flashes of turmoil. Warning her of the events to come. Encountering the new breed informs them of their increasing intelligence. Hunting in groups like carnivorous animals and ambushing their prey.

With the increasing intellect of the Infected and their friend's intimate knowledge of the caves, was it a mistake to let them live? Are Lillie's dreams a prediction of her future? Or can this small cave family fight against all odds and beat the hand of fate?