A Nation's Parable

by Christopher Ashley

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A tortured distant world, ravaged by the advances of man and their empires. Everyday hosts new difficulties, new challenges and familiar bloodshed as the empires of the world lock their horns and continue to battle it out. Our journey begins with many men and women, telling their stories as they circuit around the warring nations, among the various factions and cultures of the continents. We follow the heroes and villains of the planet with the largest empire of them all, the Calandonian Empire, as their power-mad dictator evokes the passage of war through secrecy and deception. The world of Capsayum buckles under the chaotic pressure of the empires, many more must die to satisfy the greed of territorial ambition, all but one man; Rhykori son of Koryson must follow his moral path to victory. There can only be one victor in such turbulent times, that victor must be Rhykori.