Her Mercenary Harem

by Savannah Skye

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Keira has always been a bad girl. Mouthy, troublesome, and quick to disobey. But in a village plagued by a band of cutthroats who would kill you as soon as look at you, breaking the rules could mean death.
When being obedient becomes to much to bear and she finds herself in the frying pan, no one is more surprised than Keira when four mercenaries come to her rescue.
Taka, enigmatic, commanding and sensual, a spear his weapon of choice.
Kai, quick-witted and sexy, his mind and tongue as sharp as his arrows.
Rex, a massive beast of a man, strong as an lion and twice as courageous, lethal with his axe.
And Luca. Icy, angry, tortured Luca, who can’t decide whether to run Keira through with his sword or take her for his own.
Can the five of them survive the onslaught of cutthroats out for blood…and if so, can they survive each other?