Distrust: Bad Boy Second Chance Romance

by Ellen Hutton

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Jessica Goldstein has worked hard to get where she is. She focused herself and soon, she was offered the opportunity of a lifetime: An internship at Threads. All is right with the world until she faces a man who interjects a sense of chaos into an otherwise successful life.

Reighn Abrams had a rough childhood but since he became a male supermodel, he has it all. Money, designer clothes, access to anywhere he wants to go, and of course, women. Reighn lives his lives in pursuit of his own pleasure, whatever that may be.

He meets Jessica who rejects him, driving him insane. Reighn is finally able to prove himself to Jessica, who after getting to know him, that he wasn’t that bad after all. They struggle to get past the hurdle of distrust Jessica but eventually, forgiveness heals and she is able to look past it and move on.