by Tmonique Stephens

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Trust was impossible for Reign Nicolis. Millennia as a slave has left him incapable of trusting anyone. Until he met Alexis. Her unconditional love shattered all his defenses, cracked open his heart, and revived the man he used to be. Their love is in every kiss, every touch. He wants her for his bride.
Alexis Lever isn’t cut out to be someone’s wife, someone’s mother. Her cold childhood killed those dreams. Then Reign Nicolis crashed into her life. Now, thoughts of being his wife, mother to his children, consume her.
She has given up her career as an NYPD Detective and her family. She’s fought by his side and laid down her life for him. She loves him more than she thought possible . . . So why can’t she say yes to the one question that will bind them together and make her dreams come true.