The Healing Heart Series: Books 1-3

by Deborah Dearth

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Have you ever been so in love that you lose all common sense? Your prince charming sweeps you off your feet, and you gladly go - only to find tarnish on his armor. Yet, you love him despite the flaws. Then you lose that love and realize that he was not who you thought he was. How do you deal with the loss and the betrayal? Will you ever be able to love again?
In The Healing Heart Series, you will follow Kathryn through the most awesome and most tragic events in her life. Kathryn is an ordinary, young woman just entering adulthood who by chance meets Monte, an older man and famous actor. Their whirlwind romance turns into marriage. Their love story is dubbed a fairy tale and referred to as the love story “the Prince and the Commoner” by friends and family.
While everyone believes Kathryn is living a fairytale, her true life, at times, is anything but. She finds that her prince has a dark side. Because of her faith, she clings to ‘for better or for worse’ until she just can’t deal with “the worse” any more. When she walks out, it marks the beginning of the end for Monte.
Kathryn finds that in death, Monte is everything she thought he was and more - much more. One shocking detail after another comes to light, and Kathryn is faced not only with her loss, but life changes she never saw coming.
Russ, Monte’s best friend and business partner, is Kathryn’s anchor throughout the funeral and its aftermath. He harbors a secret that he does not want her to know yet – if ever. He is just as surprised as Kathryn as details of Monte’s life unravel for them to sort through. They bond together as they deal with each thing as it comes.
Enter Davis, Monte’s best friend from Hollywood, and lead singer for a band. His sex appeal and good looks get Kathryn’s attention. Davis has an agenda but is not revealing it.
This series is a reminder about what love really is - perfect, even though, those we love are not. Love involves going from “me” to “us” and to leave the door to reconciliation always open. Love also involves sacrifice and discomfort sometimes. Yet, its rewards are well worth the cost.