by Don Donovan

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Author's note: This is my first novel. For a very limited time, it is available on pre-order (until June 1) and for a few days thereafter for only 99¢. After that, it goes up to its regular price of $4.99. It's a big book, the print version running nearly 480 pages.

Also, the categories on this site wouldn't allow me to list this book as crime fiction or noir fiction, which is what it really is, so I selected "Mysteries", even though there is no detective "solving" a mystery. My books are always written from the point of view of the criminal. And now for a few words about WHO'LL STOP THE RAIN:

"I slowed way down for the speed bumps on the narrow, wet street. The cemetery loomed in its eternal silence on our right, and I felt the eyes of the dead opening under heavy lids to watch us pass by in the rainy night, somehow knowing we were on our way to do murder, to send them some company."

From the mean streets of Miami, Hialeah, and Key West, Don Donovan has spun a sprawling noir tale of three hardened individuals whose lives are woven into a web of money, betrayal, and murder.