To Catch a Shifter: An Urban Fantasy Erotic Romance

by Ruby Pink

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Special Agent Gillian Reid of the Bureau of Paranormal Investigation has flown to Oregon to investigate a series of grisly murders. Local police blame the attacks on a wild bear, but she recognizes the signs of a feral shifter. Her suspicions are confirmed when they are attacked at the crime scene, leaving her partner knocked out and her the captive of the very man they were hunting.

But Reid isn’t the sort to give up without a fight. Maybe he has her gun and phone, and his body is made entirely of rippling muscle, but he also can’t stop staring at her chest. It’s really not fair… to him.

Fans of the X-Files will enjoy this sexy new series about the paranormal investigators that keep the rest of us safe from the monsters prowling at the edge of civilization. Intended for mature audiences.