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Confession of a Psychic: An Urban Fantasy Erotic Romance

Ruby Pink

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Special Agent Gillian Reid of the Bureau of Paranormal Investigation might be in trouble. She’s interviewing a man the police suspect is behind an orgy that broke out in a movie theater. They’re right, though he didn’t drug the audience as they suspected. Instead, he confesses to Reid that he’s a psychic, and he uses his abilities to encourage people to act on their more primal desires.

Now the psychic has learned that Reid and her partner have feelings for each other they haven’t expressed yet. Can she find a way to subdue this menace before his psychic matchmaking causes her to do something she’ll regret? How do you stop someone who can convince you what you’re doing is a good idea? Maybe if she can find a way to break his concentration…

Fans of the X-Files will enjoy this sexy new paranormal crime series. Each story is stand-alone and can be read in any order. Intended for mature audiences.

Erotic Romance Paranormal Romance
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