Close Encounters with Agent Reid: An Urban Fantasy Erotic Romance with Ghosts, Psychics, and Shifters

by Ruby Pink

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Even for the Bureau of Paranormal Investigation, Special Agent Gillian Reid seems to find herself in a lot of strange situations. She’s been held captive by an amorous feral shifter. She was once trapped in a ghost’s memory of his wedding night. Then there was the time a psychic matchmaker manipulated her into confessing — and then acting on — the feelings she has for her partner.Through it all, she’s acquired a reputation as one of the Bureau’s most capable agents. When she finds herself in a situation her training never prepared her for, she uses every asset at her disposal — including her own body. Agent Reid always gets her man.Fans of the X-Files will love this sexy new paranormal crime series. Each story is stand-alone and can be read in any order. Intended for mature audiences.This bundle collects the first three Agent Reid stories, previously published as “To Catch a Shifter,” “Ghostly Seduction,” and “Confession of a Psychic.”Book One: To Catch a ShifterReid has flown to Oregon to investigate a series of grisly murders. Local police blame the attacks on a wild bear, but she recognizes the signs of a feral shifter. Her suspicions are confirmed when they are attacked at the crime scene, leaving her partner knocked out and her the captive of the very man they were hunting.But Reid isn’t the sort to give up without a fight. Maybe he has her gun and phone, and his body is made entirely of rippling muscle, but he also can’t stop staring at her chest. It’s really not fair… to him.Book Two: Ghostly SeductionReid is in Rhode Island to investigate a haunting. Nearly a century ago, a pair of lovers committed suicide at a famous hotel on their wedding night. Now the staff is being driven away by a ghost and the new owner is desperate for help.Reid’s partner is convinced the whole thing is a hoax, but she soon finds herself face-to-face with the spirit. Now she will do whatever it takes to help this grieving spirit move on, even if it means entering the ghost’s memories to give him the wedding night he missed out on!Book Three: Confession of a PsychicReid might be in trouble. She’s interviewing a man the police suspect is behind an orgy that broke out in a movie theater. They’re right, though he didn’t drug the audience as they suspected. Instead, he confesses to Reid that he’s a psychic, and he uses his abilities to encourage people to act on their more primal desires.Now the psychic has learned that Reid and her partner have feelings for each other they haven’t expressed yet. Can she find a way to subdue this menace before his psychic matchmaking causes her to do something she’ll regret? How do you stop someone who can convince you what you’re doing is a good idea? Maybe if she can find a way to break his concentration…