Summertime Sadness

by Dylan Heart

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This isn’t the story you think it is. Sure, it begins as they always do. Girl meets boy. Boy is cute. But this boy wasn’t like the others. I met him at the county fair; handsome and rugged, but he was dangerous too.

He spent his life on the carnival circuit, never staying anywhere long enough to call home. As for me, I wanted to be anywhere else. Anywhere but home. So I followed him down the rabbit hole, into a world without rules or consequences, and I fell in love with him for his heart, his soul, and everything he was.

And then something happened that changed everything. It was as if I was a passenger on a roller coaster about to derail from the tracks. I could do nothing but watch as my carefully crafted life fell apart. What should have been my happily ever after turned into something else.

And what began as a summer of reinvention turned into a summer of sadness. If it seems as though I’m being vague, I am.

I told you, this isn’t the story you think it is.

***For Mature Readers***