Mastered—Fairy Tale Erotica

by Q. Zayne

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You get fairy tale heroines all grown up. They get full-power alphas. Watch as they fall into the clutches of powerful princes and shifters who know what they want and how to take it. Bedtime stories get hot and hard with all the juicy details. These heroines get their goodies plundered, in the riskiest way.

Dear Reader,
My intention is to entertain, not to upset anyone. This is a collection of erotica. It contains strong sexual content and language for readers over 18. The stories include BDSM, spanking, hard first times, multiple men on one woman, kink, shifters and interracial action, and pregnancy consequences. All the stories are complete standalones. There are no cliffhangers. Some of the stories are from the alpha male’s point of view. These are short stories and one novelette.

Please note that all the stories in this collection are focused on women’s pleasure, including the ones written from the male point of view.

Riding Red Hood
Goldy Locks & 3 Werebears
White Snow & Dwarfs 7
Innocent—His Woods Nymph
His Beauty
Plucking Red Rose

Innocent and His Beauty aren’t connected to a specific fairytale. Plucking Red Rose has a loose relationship to Red Rose tales, but it in has a contemporary setting and updated story elements. The others are set once upon a time.

Now, for those of you like me who like short, nasty stories, let’s go.