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Rebecca Royce Box Set: 99c Box Set Bonanza

by Rebecca Royce

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Indulge yourself with the shapeshifting “Mates” in Rebecca Royce’s steamy Shifters and Bikers Series.

Unwanted Mate…

“I've had the pleasure of reading and reviewing several of Rebecca Royce's works lately and I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. She continues to show her followers that we are indeed wise in our choice of romantic reading materials. Ms. Royce brings a breath of freshness to her stories that makes the reader smile while indulging. Rebecca Royce's books will continue to remain in my favorite's folder for many years to come.” ~Long and Short Reviews (Erotic Romance) Reviewed by Dogwood

Bar Mate…

“… we are on a ride of sexually hot shifter and human smexy that I think a nun would blush over. Rebecca has for sure refined her smutty writing skills and I love it! I loved the strong plot and character development in such a small space. I am so excited to move on to book three. It is sitting in my TBR just waiting to be picked up for my entertainment! And can I just say, for the record, I want to go to Gunther's Bar and mate with one of the hunky shifters in there!” ~Hotly Ever After Reviewed by Future Slayer Girl

Mate By the Music…

“Not only sexy, but the characters in this one were awesome. I love when you mix a human man with a shifter female, and he is still Alpha enough to dominate her. I am diving into the next book already! I don't know how many books Rebecca has planned for the hotties of Gunther's, but I do hope it is a great many more!” ~Hotly Ever After Reviewed by Future Slayer Girl

Out of Place Mate…

“I now love this series! I first read Rebecca at Christmas time, one of her one night stand books and I really liked it. We all need a saucy shifter fix every now and then. Not only did Rebecca totally win me over, but I am in lust with all brothers and their mates. Do I wish this was a longer series? Of course I do! It is like a naughty little tease that has me shaking my eReader after reading it.” ~Hotly Ever After Reviewed by Future Slayer Girl