Taken by a Highland Raider

by Susan Bella Ikin

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Mary napped in the sun, feeling safe. Unbeknown to her, her guard had also fallen asleep in the warm sun, his back propped up against a tree not far from her.
Liam looked at the sleeping man with scorn, the man’s lapse had just made his plan too easy. He crept up on the sleeping woman, startled to see how beautiful she was. Sending some of his men to scout the surrounding area in case there were more guards, he managed to walk right up to the woman, and place his large hand over her mouth to prevent her screaming before she even awoke.
Sending the lazy guard back to Mary’s family with a demand for a ransom for her safe return, Liam swung the beautiful young widow up onto his horse and headed to the sanctuary of his home.
What he hadn’t bargained on was his attraction to this woman, and the complications she brought to his life, particularly when he realized that her family wasn’t interested in paying for her return.