Charmed by the Duke: A Regency Romance

by Lola Carey

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Emily Lockhart would do anything she could for her older sister, Evangeline, so when she got word that her recently widowed sibling needed her assistance during her time of mourning, she went to the estate of Westminster as quickly as she could. Having married the handsome duke a few, short months ago, the duchess was concerned about maintaining her status and title so she would need her sister’s help to make sure that the new duke fall in love with her. With Emily by her side, Evangeline is confident that after her period of grief that she and the young duke will become her new husband in no time. Evangeline swore to Emily that if she would help keep the duke from falling on love with anyone else before she became available that she would assist her with attaining the independent life that her heart so yearns for, assuring Emily’s participation. It was never Emily’s intention to fall in love with Trevor but when it happens, she has to make sure that she keeps her feelings to herself if she wants the life that her sister promised. Can Emily keep her heart to herself as she helps her sister marry the man she loves or will she finally decide that independence doesn’t outweigh love?