I Had Him - A Daughter's Story

by RC Woods

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During a time in his life when he’d lost everything, the only peace able to save Jeremy’s sanity was his daughter. Raising her from an infant, he experienced the strong protective nature and love that a father has for his child, even though she isn’t really his. With all focus on her wellbeing, he brushes away any probability of finding a mate, all possibility of feeling love again having died with the mother of his child.
And then Tawna Morgan comes into his life. She stirs feelings in Jeremy that he hasn’t felt for years. He dismisses them, determined to remain loyal to a memory. He pushes Tawna away, refusing to deal with the distraction while guilt eats away at his insides over the betrayal of his heart. With his life in chaos, he must confront his feelings for Tawna while facing the bitter deception of a man he once called brother.