Domus: The Ancient Blood Awakens

by Angel Black

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Can’t say I belong anywhere.

What life is there with my fellow Dragons?

The Dragons of Royal blood do okay, but what about the rest of us.

The human world has so much more to offer I find.

Anyway, it’s not my fault none of the other Dragons are smart enough to find their way back and forth at will.

Nope, the human world is definitely a land of opportunity for someone like me.

Even the least of my powers is good enough to make me a king here.

If only I could draw that much attention to myself without getting the Dragon King’s Sigmas sent after me.

Nobody need that kind of trouble.

Nope, I’ll just content myself taking what I want from the human world without risking going too far.

All money, all the treasures, all the human women I could ever want is just good enough for me.

“Domus: The Ancient Blood Awakens” is a standalone paranormal fantasy romance. There are no cliffhangers. The War of Blood and Scales will continue but you won’t need to wait for an HEA. Get ready for a romantic Saga that will always leave you satisfied.