The Devil's Beat

by R. Scott VanKirk

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What do you do when you're damned?
What if you sold your soul for fame and glory, and discovered that your road to stardom was built upon crushed lives, lost love, and broken dreams? Find out what Maximilian Faust did in this hilarious new dark comedy by the author of the acclaimed Ancient Enemy series.
It's the age-old story—sort of. A Faustian Tale for our times.

Maxwell Niemand, known to the world as Maximilian Faust, semi-wittingly made a deal with the devil to be a rock star. It was a heady ride full of great music, humongous parties, and piles of money, but when he discovered he wasn't the only one paying a price for his fun, fame, and glory he walked away in shame and remorse.

Hiding from his still-loving fans, Max moves to a rickety antebellum mansion in a small town in Mississippi.

Purchased by his old manager, the place is a decrepit, battered old mansion. A once magnificent southern belle, she's now more of a southern bag lady, dressed in Gothic-horror gowns and hiding poisonous lice. Despite this, Max finds an odd feeling of kinship with the old lady and instead of following his initial impulse to burn her to the ground, he vows to restore her to her former glory.

Unfortunately, this bag lady carries a lot of baggage and she doesn't mind dumping it on Max. Between the ghosts, the unquiet bodies, the bizarre visitors, and the “special” nature of the town, Maximilian is going to be pushed to the... er... max.

Just like God, Old Smoke has a sense of humor, but his is a bit... darker.
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