Unmistakable Love

by CL Rowell

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Love finds you when you least expect it.
Hank left tiny Beaux Hollow for the bright lights of Natchitoches, Louisiana after high school, to attend NSU and pursue an engineering degree. He and his friends are staying in a nice, expensive riverfront home, complete with a limo and a cook, compliments of their friend Randy’s grandparents. Imagine Hank’s surprise when his first view of the limo driver’s’ great-nephew comes with an arrow straight from Cupid’s bow!
Michael has been teased all his life - first for his interest in ‘feminine things’ like ballet and cheerleading, and then for his interest in guys - but he never gave up hope that there was someone for him to love…then he runs into Hank at the house where his great-aunt and uncle are employed, and lightening strikes.
Hank and Michael seem to be perfect for each other, like a match made in heaven, but will they have what it takes to make love last?
Does contain foul language and mild/moderate sexual situations between two guys.