Wolf's Hunger

by Carina Wilder

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"The stranger’s expression dripped with sexuality incarnate. Smoldering, seductive. Piercing me to the core with pure sensuality that made my blood run hot.

He was a god made flesh, and for those precious few seconds...he was mine."

Ariana lives the dream life in Manhattan...or so it seems. The truth is that everything's going wrong. She's about to lose her job. Her best friend is leaving town.
As for her love life?
That is, until the moment when she locks eyes with the most gorgeous man she's ever seen. The kind of man who steals a woman's soul and doesn't give it back.
Oh, and apparently he's a famous billionaire, but hey, who's counting?
She wants him like she's never wanted anyone. But will the dangerous Tristan Wolfe be too much for her heart to handle, and will he be able to accept the ghosts from her past?