National Endowment for the Humanities awardee and designated Keeper of the Hibernaculum of Imaginary Hedgehogs KJ Hannah Greenberg presents Cryptids, the third installment of her short story series. If you like your literary fiction sprinkled with friendly insanity, or if you prefer your contemporary fantasy to resonate with profound realism, or if you simply enjoy reading about anthropomorphic critters and everyday people in unusual situations both mundane and bizarre, this collection is for you.

"Terms like "magical realism," "slipstream" or "contemporary fantasy" are too narrow to contain all the different flavors of KJ Hannah Greenberg's prose. Flowing from the fantastical to the mundane, from optimism to nihilism with astonishing ease, Hannah is equally at home in flash fiction and short fiction, offering us an unstoppable ride of acute emotions and bold narrative style. At the same time brutal and beautiful, cynic and full of a well concealed hope, her stories are never predictable. Dive in." Alex Mandarino, editor, Hyperpulp

"I've loved Greenberg's writing since the first story of hers I published at Raphael's Village many years ago now, and I continue to love her writing today. This is another wonderful collection from an author who magically turns everyday stories into modern fairy tales for children and adults alike." Gini Koch, author of the Alien Separation from DAW Books