Mine Forever—2 Dark Romances

by Q. Zayne

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Obsession. Stalking. Capture. Possession.
Hold on tight. These bad boys take prisoners.

This limited-time curvy captive woman Dark Romance set includes the controversial novella, White Trash Taking His Virgin Bride and the recent stalker novel, Mine in the Basement. Both are standalones with no cliffhangers.

This set is rated Mature 18+ for sensual, deviant, intimate, and disturbing content, adult language, and brief violence. Readers prone to being triggered by fiction are advised to avoid this book.

Get ready for a world of outsiders with heart. These damaged heroes go too far—and the heroines need all their moxy to cope with bare aggression and abduction.

Adventurous readers, and those who find thrills in the dark, get Forever Mine now. Scary hot things happen in the basement.