Summer Temptation (R&C)

by Romance & Cock-Tales Lounge Fast & Furious ARCers!

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Three wildly powerful men.

One sweet little flower.

While each will try and claim her.

In the end, she’s the one.

With all the power…


She’s sweet. New to the world at times.

Beautiful eyes wide open as she sees the trappings of the wealthy.

That’s where we first see her.

And each of us feels a stirring.

A longing.

A craving for something that only she can give.

What is it about her that compels us?

Maybe the meticulous way she cleans a glass when serving drinks.

We wonder what she can do with those hands.

Or the delightful way she smiles.

We imagine what else that mouth could do.

So we make her a deal.

Stay with us for the summer.

Please us. While we tease you.

And at the end, choose which of us you wish to belong to.

She agrees. For she wants us too.

The stage is set as the weather gets warmer.

Dear Grace. Prepare yourself for this summer.