Why Do I Still Love Him? (VV2)

by Crimson Vixens


I’ve always loved her.

I would die for her.

Well, tonight I just might.


The light of my life.

The only thing that’s kept me going this long.

Even when I’ve had to be away from her.

I’ve used her memory to stay strong.

There was a time when she had to leave me.

It broke her heart and I can tell she wants me back.

I can tell she carries a pain that only I can heal.

Well, baby. Guess who’s back?

That’s right.

This time, I’m not leaving her again.

This time, nothing can drive me away.

If anything or anyone wants to take her away from me

Man…did they pick the wrong dude to fk with.


She’s the light of my life.

Keeper of my heart.

Queen of my soul.

And soon…mother of my child.