Shared Custody

by Peter Styles



I’m a responsible guy, so I’m the logical choice to get custody of my niece and nephew when my sister and her husband die in a car accident. What were they thinking to have me share custody with Patton? He’s impulsive, laidback, and an actor, of all things. We have nothing in common, and I don’t see how this arrangement is going to work. Living with him and raising two children? It’s crazy—so why does it seem to make more and more sense the longer our arrangement lasts? I’m falling for a guy who doesn’t do responsible or committed, and I can’t seem to stop. I’m not usually so reckless with my heart, but Patton makes me open up and let him in.


Lenny has me all wrong. Okay, I am impulsive and definitely laidback, but I’m also responsible, and I have a killer work ethic. He might not appreciate acting is more than a hobby, but it’s my life—until my best friend and his wife are killed, and they leave me half-custody of two little kids. Suddenly, I’m trading makeup sessions for princess tea parties and find it satisfying, but I still have dreams and goals. Even though I’m falling for Lenny, and I’m content with our newly forming family, I don’t want to let go of those when I have the chance of a lifetime. Lenny considers it unimportant, making me feel like I have to choose between my new life and my old when there doesn’t seem to be a way to compromise.