Birthday Witch

by Billie Dale

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A Paranormal Romantic Comedy

A steaming hot man with more secrets than my cheating ex-husband, a sultry vampire, a Goddess with a gift for me and a young sexy alien walk into my kitchen..sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, right?

Alternate realms, magic power and topping that hill of my fortieth birthday, makes for one messed up morning.

I, Shayden Reigh, armed with nothing more than a smart mouth, sassy wit, a cocky cat who hates me and having no clue what in h-e-double hockey sticks I'm doing; must prepare to fight.

Chosen by the Gods with new magic and assigned an ego-driven hot guardian named Luke, who insists only I can tip the scale to victory and save his precious world.

No pressure there, right?

The time has come.

The Fates have chosen me as their Queen when all I really want is a freaking cup of coffee.

The Gods have set me, a newly single mom, on the path to the throne but I must figure out how to save it first.

**This is the first book in The Reigh Witch Chronicles.