by Penelope Wren

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It’s hard to be a green witch when you’re surrounded by all this stone.

I’ve lived practically my entire life in a high rise tower, a side-effect of my parents ticking off an evil witch before I was born. But don’t tell Mother I called her evil, she scares me more than a little bit. With her as my guardian, good company is scarce. All I’ve got are my plants, my talking cat and my blog. And Mother isn’t exactly fond of any of them.

Especially since the latter introduced me to three ridiculously gorgeous half-elves, and I’ve fallen for all three of them. Kinden, the mage security specialist who never fails to make me smile. Rifyr, the rogue-turned-locksmith whose physical beauty almost hurts. And Sorrel, the hunter who uses his skills to track down works of art, and whose heart is so pure he rekindles my faith in the world.

Things start getting hairy when we decide to meet in person. As it turns out, Mother hates it when I sneak hot guys into the tower, go figure.

So now we have to figure out a way to get both me and my cat out of the tower without blowing everything up. Wait… did I forget to mention the threat of arcane annihilation if I were to leave the tower? Right… I always forget that part…


This full-length, steamy Reverse Harem Romance is a modern fairytale, full of magic, whimsy, talking animals, and an evil villain who tries to ruin everything. Follow Rapunzel’s journey from captive to independent witch in this stand-alone novel by Penelope Wren.