Comrade's Ghostwriter

by Helena A. Fina

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Kidnapped by a Russian mobster

Forced to write filthy novels in a locked underground room? That's not how innocent and sheltered Lily thought she'd end up when she booked a backpacking trip to Russia. The man who stole her demands she write dirty stories if she wants to gain her freedom.

Her captor is the scariest man she's ever met, so why does the mere sight of his powerful body make her melt? Rostov is everything she never wanted -- big, rough and brutal. But he looks at her like he wants all of her, forever, and his dark touch thrills her like nothing before.

He wanted her sultry stories. Now he wants her wicked curves

Rostov has ruthlessly clawed his way to the top of the ebook charts on the back of a stable of captive ghostwriters.

Innocent Lily, fresh out of Iowa Arts College, with her naive ways and creative writing degree, is just what he's looking for.

The plan is simple: lock her up and break her in. Except that her luscious curves and doe-eyed innocence are the first taste of an obsession. Every thought of her consumes him.

Lily’s too inexperienced to understand what she’s doing to him. Her scent. Her taste. Her innocent need.

He’ll show her. Teach her. Mark his claim on her untouched body. Over and over again. Until she knows who owns her. Until she cries his name and begs for more.

Sweet, fragile Lily...his angel, his muse, his obsession...

Expect mature content.
All characters are over the age of 18.