Natalie's First Spanking

by S.J. Miranda

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Natalie has a problem: she wants to be spanked.

And why is that a problem, you might ask? Because she’s been too embarrassed to admit it to Jackson, her husband of two years.

Jackson is smoking hot and a wonderful partner to Natalie, and the sex in their relationship has always been good.

Unfortunately, it’s also been incredibly, frustratingly vanilla.

When Natalie finally fesses up to her desires, she gets a lot more than she bargained for. Jackson shows her a dominant side she's never seen before, bending her over his knee and spanking her bottom until it’s red and stinging. This leads the couple to discover a new passion for each other, which doesn’t stop until both of them reach a shuddering climax.

This is an erotic short story featuring explicit descriptions of spanking and other sexual activities. Intended for mature readers.