REBEL Brother - ARC

by Jessa Wayne

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REBEL Brother - ARC

Life could not be better for sexy Travis Gage, the hottest nightclub owner and record producer in Nashville. With his girlfriend Maddie Cole by his side, he felt invincible. In fact, everything was going so well that his next plan was to propose to Maddie and ask her to be his wife. All was going according to plan, until his bad boy little brother, Julien, decided to pop back into his life... ruining everything Travis had accomplished.

Julien Gage portrayed himself to be the victim of Travis and Julien's knock-down drag-out fights, when in fact he had his own destructive agenda. Will Julien destroy everything Travis has worked toward, including bringing Maddie down with him, or will Travis and Maddie find what they need to show everyone who Julien truly was all along?