Black Blood (Quentin Black Mystery Series)

by JC Andrijeski, USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author

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From USA TODAY and WALL STREET JOURNAL bestselling author, a bridging novella with Quentin Black and Miri Fox, set in the Quentin Black World. Paranormal Mystery Romance.

Series Note: Takes place at the end of BLACK AND BLUE (Quentin Black Mystery #5)

Is a vampire more or less dangerous when he’s victim to a broken heart?

After Black spent weeks imprisoned and tortured by the evil vampire, “Brick,” Miriam is still dealing with the fallout of her husband’s nightmares and strange silences. When Black asks her to accompany him to New York for an extended business trip, Miri quickly agrees, but before they can leave, Brick ambushes them yet again.

This time, it’s Miri he wants.

Taken by Brick, she’s positive he’s using her as bait to lure her husband. But it turns out Brick wants her for an entirely different purpose, to act as psychic psychologist to his vampire girlfriend, Lila, who is suffering from trauma of her own.

Forced to work for a creature she despises, Miri finds herself drawn into his personal life in a way she never could have imagined or wanted, even as she fights to stay alive.

BLACK BLOOD is a story in the Quentin Black Mystery series. It is also a spinoff from the Bridge & Sword series, and takes place in the wider history/world of the seers.

Next in the series: BLACK OF MOOD, BLACK TO DUST

THE QUENTIN BLACK WORLD encompasses a number of dark, gritty paranormal mystery arcs with science fiction elements, starring brilliant and mysterious Quentin Black and forensic psychologist Miriam Fox. For fans of realistic paranormal mysteries with romantic elements, the series spans continents and dimensions as Black solves crimes, takes on other races and tries to keep his and Miri’s true identities secret to keep them both alive.