Soldier's Secret Baby

by Flora Ferrari

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Soldiers on base are given a 96-hour pass to enjoy a 4th of July holiday vacation. I’m in dire need of some friends, fireworks, and home cooked food so I head to the small town where I grew up for a few days of fun with my best friend who’s also my childhood neighbor.

It’s the first time we’ve seen each other since his wife’s pregnancy and it makes me feel like an older man, but this older man sees a different kind of fireworks this 4th of July when I see that my best friend’s sister isn’t exactly my best friend’s little sister anymore.

She’s got me seeing stars and ready to explode when we skip the fireworks display after sparks fly between us leading to some neighborly behavior that involves a lot more than borrowing a cup of sugar.

But when my short vacation ends I have to leave my small town and my 4th of July romance behind…but I can’t. I won’t.


My brother’s best friend is a smoking hot soldier and a real man as only older men seem to be these days. It’s my first time seeing him in ages, and he doesn’t know it but I’ve been saving a very special kind of first time just for him.

But after our little California romance I find out I’m pregnant and alone in this small town and can’t decide if this was just a fling and my brother’s best friend doesn’t need to know about the my soon to be secret baby, or if this California romance is more than just a holiday romance. Maybe, just maybe, if he knows about his own little soldier who’s on the way he’ll want to make me his…forever.

And just how long can I keep this secret baby a secret in our small town? And if my brother finds out his best friend got his little sister pregnant there are going to be a whole other kind of fireworks between these big, burly older men.

*Soldier’s Secret Baby is an insta-everything standalone romance with an HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.