The Wolf's Mate

by Emilia Hartley

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When Trina Adams crosses the country to Ripple, Oregon, she expects to find enough ghosts around an old tuberculosis sanatorium that she can film the pilot for a paranormal investigation show. She doesn’t expect to find herself marooned, her potential film site demolished, the locals surly, and the only person willing to help her—a huge, gorgeous guy—hot, sweet, and funny, but oh-so-distracting.

Casper Marino knows helping a paranormal investigator could mess up his life. His little family of wolf shifters had to leave Wyoming after their last run-in with reporters, and that experience has kept him from settling down and claiming his true role as Alpha of his pack. So why can’t he keep his thoughts—or his hands—off Trina? Getting together with her is a disaster waiting to happen—or that’s what his brother’s wives keep telling him.

His wolf’s telling him something else, though. Is he willing to trust it, step up, and take responsibility for himself and his pack?

Or is he going to do what the alpha-bitches want—and drive his heart’s mate away?