Billionaire's and Good girls: five stories of love and lust

by Fiona Miers

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Over 500 pages of contemporary romance from the same author. Intense heroes and good girls.

Her Billionaire Step-brother - Step brother. Billionaire romance. Secret baby.
"OMG was this hot. This book was amazing. I could not put it down until I finished reading it. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who is looking to read it and aren’t sure if they want to. Trust me, you will love it."

A miracle in Hawaii: currently unavailable to buy anywhere else.
"There are so many steamy scenes in this book. Fiona Miers has written a great book. "

The Billionaire's Saving Grace. Office romance. Contemporary sexy.
"I loved this book. I do not think I have ever read a book with the lead character having so many different types of personalities."

A Nanny for his Neice - Secret baby. Office romance. Exotic setting.
"What do you get when you have a demanding male and a defiant, confident female? Explosive attraction and deep abiding love fill the pages of this book. It is sprinkled with sweet moments between Enrique and Amalia as well."

Second Chance Love - sweet short story.
"Had me sighing out loud with a massive smile on my face with their happy endings."