Free Radicals

by SE Zbasnik

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Ever wanted your sci-fi and fantasy mashed together into an idoscyncronic harmony? Welcome to Dwarves in Space, a series that's full of dwarves loving tacos, elven assassins climbing through air ducts, orcs wearing tasteful sweater vests, and a Captain trying to keep them all from setting the ship on fire.

In Free Radicals, Variel, Orn, Taliesin, and the rest of the Elation crew are back. An attempt to have a nice, relaxing day on a space station for non-corporeals backfires when terrorists attack. Now it's up to the ex-Knight, assassin, elven engineer, orc doctor, and whatever Orn is to save the day. Each book is stand alone in the series, but they all fit together like a dysfunctional puzzle.