Send Nudes (SPDR)

by SPDR ARC Services

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Derek and I were created to be gods.
Powerful and wealthy.
We take what we want, as is our right.
Then we find the one woman who can tame us.
And now we want her both...

A model who suddenly found fame.
But then her picture went viral.
She broke the Internet.
Now we both want her to be the face of our companies.

No one has ever told us no.
We’ve built two competing companies.
We do battle while others cower.
But in this woman, we may have met our match.

She’s achingly beautiful.
With a body made for sin.
And she doesn’t want to share.
Well, it turns out we don’t want to either.
Not with her.

Whoever gets Diana to model for their company will beat the other.
She’s that much of a gamechanger.

Now the only question is:
Can this model’s catwalk handle us both?