Love Grows In Pastures

by T.G. Vaughn

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A heart-wrenching story about finding True Love!!! Everyday Situations, Heart Melting Scenes, with Love Fueling the Flames of Passion!

Terra Preston - I'm just a small town girl from the outskirts of Montana. My job is to make sure the horses on our ranch are ready every spring for competition. However, I thought training horses was my entire life. Until I met him. Brad Baker. It all started with a day dream in the towns cafe. Yes, I said a day dream. After that, all i could think about was him, and being a rancher's daughter, with responsibilities of my own, that was bad. Now I feel my priorities changing, as well as my thoughts and desires. Brad was simply a man you didn't easily forget.

Brad Baker - No one knows how hard a person has it. My home life... Well, let's just say it left a lot to be desired. Drunk Dad. Abusive Mom... Need I say more? I was trying to find my way through it all. I loved the country and everything it stood for. But, when I Came face-to-face with a girl that literally stopped my heart, I began to want for more. Terra Preston turned me inside out, and if it hadn't been for that chance meeting at the cafe in town, I never would've know her. Now, I find myself not being able to get her out of my head. I had to know her.

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