Finders Keepers

by Shifted Sheets ARC Services

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Question: How do two porcupines mate?

Answer: Very carefully.

Vivian Sweet.

She’s the most ruthless corporate lawyer in the world.

I’m the King of Wall Street.

We’re both gunning for the most exclusive condo in New York.

The kind that comes with fame. Status. And power.

She thinks she’s going to beat me in getting it.

Man did she pick the wrong dude to mess with.

The only problem?

We may have bought it at the same exact time.

So now we’re both moved in, trying to wait the other out.

Whoever moves out first gives up their claim to the place.

Sure, she’s got some tricks she’s going to pull.

But I can play just as dirty if I need to.

It’s a dangerous dance we’re doing here, baby.

Because if we’re not careful, our two alpha personalities will just fall into f&%^ing love

And New York City’s premier condo that’s being shared by two people?

Will soon be shared by three.