Hate at First Sight

by Penelope Bloom

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He was the nightmare I couldn’t stop dreaming about.
Eyes like a storm. Tongue as wicked as sin.
A heart like a glacier. I hated him. I craved him.
Then he did what he did best. He broke me. He pushed me away.
But eight years later, he came back, and he wanted what I never gave him.


He was my own personal apocalypse,
But I moved on. I healed. I built a new life.
It took me eight years, but I did it.
I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when he came back.
The universe and I had a rocky relationship,
And Zach was the curveball of my nightmares.
It would’ve been easier if the years had been hard on him,
But I mentioned the universe and it’s anti-me policy, right?
Zach is a rock star now.
Household name. Sex symbol. A dark prince.
It’s not long before I’m sucked back into his life,
And a six-month blackmail contract that says I have to tag along on his tour.
He thinks he can walk over me like the old days,
But I’m going to enjoy proving him wrong.


I met Aribelle while she was trimming my hedges.
And no, that’s not a euphemism.
She was a gardener’s daughter,
and she should’ve been invisible to me.
She wasn’t.
She looked at me like she had a right to,
Like she was the one who should look at me with pity,
Like she somehow knew I was broken inside.
That wasn’t why I decided to ruin her life.
She dated one of my best friends and learned my darkest secret.
But eight years is a long time.
I never got the chance to put the final nail in the coffin back then.
She’s back now, and I’m not stopping until I get what I want.
She’s still not over what happened. Tough luck, Gardener Girl.
I’m not going anywhere, and neither is she.