Best Friends' First Times Bundle: 3 Books of Lesbian Erotic Romance

by Jenny Heart

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Best Friends' First Times is a bundle containing 3 books, each one focusing on a different pair of lesbian best friends and their first exciting time together. They're romance for erotica lovers!

Two Women, One Tent
Katie was planning on spending the day home alone with her panties around her ankle, but her fit friend Sam has other plans! Sam drags Katie out to a secluded forest for some private one-on-one camping.

Will Katie finally build up the courage to tell her lesbian friend that she's gay too? And when circumstance forces the two young women to share a single sleeping bag, will Katie be able to resist her strong sapphic urges?

Bathed by Her Best Friend
When Kim breaks both of her arms in a skateboarding accident, she has to rely on her best friend – Lucy – to look after her. Not only does Lucy cook her meals, but she bathes her too!

Without the use of her arms, Kim is no longer able to relieve herself. She grows increasingly frustrated throughout the weeks and her nightly baths only leave her bare body begging for more. Will Kim be able to contain her desires as her best friend scrubs her clean? Or will the soft touches become too much for her? Can she ask her friend for help?

Licking Lessons
Natasha is a very experienced young woman who regularly has fun with other girls. Her best friend - Paige - on the other hand, hasn't had any of her first times. Paige confesses to her friend that she wants to learn but only with somebody she's comfortable with. Not only that, but Paige is insecure about her big beautiful body.

Natasha slowly guides Paige from one exciting act to the next, starting off with her very first kiss! But will the lessons between friends evolve into something much more passionate? Will Natasha be able to restrain herself and stay in the role of a teacher? Will Paige want her to?