Evergreen Grove Shifters

by Lucy Penn

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A Sexy Paranormal Romance Collection

The Dream
Penelope has always been haunted by her dreams that seem to determine the future. However, one dream never came true, and she hopes it stays that way. A nightmare has haunted Penelope for as long as she can remember. What happens when the nightmare comes true?

Rain and Drizzle
After a one-night stand, Grayson can’t stop thinking about Cora. He knows she is his mate. The only problem is he has no idea how to find her.

The Rescue
Owen has always been a lone wolf and refuses to depend on anybody for help. All of that changes one night when he meets Sophia, a woman much younger than him. He must learn to trust her if he wants to live.

New Beginning
Nina harbors a dark secret about her past. When she finds herself in Evergreen Grove, she knows she must leave immediately or risk being hurt again. When she meets Keppler, he tries to earn her trust, but her trust is not easily given.

WARNING: These novellas are fast, sizzling hot, and ready to be devoured!

If you like super sexy, quick, and dirty paranormal romance novellas, you will love Evergreen Grove Shifters: Paranormal Romance Collection! Each story features a bad boy shifter hero. No cliffhangers and no cheating. Intended for 18+ readers due to adult content.