Outbreak: An Apocalypse Romance

by Ishabelle Torry

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When the local vet is brought into the morgue with a knife embedded in his chest, psychologist Dr. Stella Tupper is assigned to profile his wife as a potential suspect. In her professional opinion, the overdramatic widow is definitely guilty until proven innocent. It’s just another workday for Stella—until the suspect unexpectedly drops dead and resurrects with a taste for blood.

Captain Gerald Tandy’s mission is to secure the threat and lockdown the newest location of an escaped top secret virus. With a full Company at his command, he anticipates quick containment. What he doesn’t predict is 'her'. Not only is Stella the most obstinate woman in world history, she’s the runaway love of his life—and she hates him.
Both riddled with secrets, can Gerald and Stella put their painful past aside to survive the deadly pandemic? Or will pride and duty tear them apart?

A warning from the author:
This book contains foul language, blood, violence to humans, and animals. Please use your discretion in choosing to read Rabid.